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Leffelman and Associates are dedicated to being a quality insurance agency by following these simple qualities: Customer Satisfaction At Leffelman and Associates, customer satisfaction is the key to our business. The client can count on complete satisfaction for all their needs from processing policy changes, to adding coverage's, to handling claims, to dealing with billing concerns. Our "can do" attitude insures complete satisfaction for our customers. Integrity At Leffelman and Associates, the client should feel confident in our ability to assist and serve the best interests of our clients. We use our many years of experience to help in determining what best fits the client's wants and needs. We feel that this integrity builds strong, long-lasting relationships with the client. Professionalism At Leffelman and Associates, all of our policy holders are valued clients to us. As such, our clients will receive the utmost in professional service from all of our qualified staff members. We care about how our clients are doing, and we are continually attempting to improve our knowledge and our courteous, efficient service. Stability At Leffelman and Associates, the client can be assured that our goal is to represent only quality insurance companies. It is important that the insurance coverage is there when the client needs it most. We feel that it is important to be around for the long haul for our clients, in good times and in bad.