Our Core Values: Communication: We value effective, responsive and timely communication and our role as a trusted source of health information. Collaboration: We work together for the mutual benefit of the community through the sharing of information, resources and ideas to achieve a common goal. Customer Service: We approach all people with significance, understanding, compassion and dignity and strive to always be courteous, supportive, friendly, helpful, and prompt, with engaged, positive employees who help people feel welcome. Effective Programs: We value programs that help to keep our community and environment healthy, including those that promote child and food safety, make immunizations accessible to all and help our youth stay healthy and those that reach all in need, including the underserved & underprivileged. Employee Care: We value our employees and being a healthy workplace, physically, mentally and socially, and encourage employees to pursue personal and professional growth. Fiscal Responsibility: We strive to continually be fiscally responsible and work towards self-sustainability Innovation: We celebrate creativity and open-minded thinking and strive to continue to evolve, to learn new skills and lead by example in order to be actively responsive to the needs of the community, advocates and a strong positive force for change. Integrity: We do what we say, communicate with transparency, and deal fairly and honestly with the public and one another. Privacy: We ensure that HIPAA guidelines are followed and information is kept confidential. Bureau/Putnam County Mission Statement The mission of the Bureau & Putnam County Health Departments is to prevent disease and promote & protect health through education, collaboration and public service.